Welcome to our page for procurement notices related to Goods. Here, you can find a list of current and upcoming opportunities for businesses interested in providing various types of goods to government entities and/or other interested for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Whether you are a small local supplier or a larger national distributor, we welcome your interest and participation in these procurement processes. Our goal is to ensure that these entities can source high-quality goods at competitive prices while promoting fair and open competition in the marketplace.

Our procurement notices cover a wide range of goods, including but not limited to office supplies, equipment, vehicles, and construction materials. Each notice includes important details such as the type of goods required, the quantity and delivery requirements, and the deadline for submitting proposals.

To participate in any of these procurement processes, please carefully review the notice and follow the instructions for submitting your proposal. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have and to submit your proposal in a timely manner to ensure full consideration.

Title Country Notice Type Deadline
Chad Energy Access Scale Up Project Chad Call for Tender 2024-01-19 • 14:00
Strengthening Climate Resilience in Mali Project Mali Call for Tender 2023-12-21 • 10:00