Latest news regarding legal matters across Francophone Africa.

Winning the fight against bribery and corruption is crucial to sub-Saharan Africa

Togo Adopts New Tack to Combat Corruption

Corruption undermines economic activity and social well-being in sub-Saharan Africa. Togo is seeking to eradicate it through an ambitious consciousness-raising campaign. More

Oil exploration is intensifying in Senegal's offshore waters

Senegal’s Oil Reserves Reveal Their Riches

Oil exploration in waters off Senegal have revealed commercially viable reserves that could promise an economic boom for the country. More

Power Africa is bringing the promise of unprecedented growth in the gas sector

Power Africa Offers New Potential for Sub-Saharan Africa’s Gas Sector

A high-level plan to increase gas-fired power production in sub-Saharan Africa offers new opportunities for business and investment More

A single unified airspace promises greater connectivity across Africa

Liberalisation Set to Dynamise Air Transport Sector

The newly launched Single African Air Transport Market promises new growth opportunities for sub-Saharan Africa. More

Congolese mining sector subject to new legal obligations and uncertainty

DRC Mining Code Opts for Economic Patriotism at Investors’ Expense

DRC’s 2018 Mining Code increases the financial burden on mining companies while seeking to enhance Congolese involvement in and control over the sector. More

Sub-Saharan Africa is witnessing huge growth in mobile services

Madagascar Rides Africa’s Mobile Money Wave

The provision of financial services through mobile internet connections is expanding rapidly in sub-Saharan Africa, including Madagascar. More

Energy projects are bringing together local and external players

ENGIE Pursues M&A Path into Africa

With a view to strengthening its position in the African energy market, ENGIE has acquired West African companies Afric Power and Tieri. More

Getting to work on electrifying Mali

Building Solar Power Plants in Mali to Electrify Macina Cercle

Two dozen Malian villages will be enjoying electricity in the near future. In early March, Water and Energy Minister Malick Alhousseini announced... More

Benin's economy is accelerating towards the future

Benin's Action Plan Bolstered With Major Donation From France

Benin's economic action plan just received a big boost from France. In a press conference on March 5th, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a €275 million ($339.4 million) grant for "Revealing Benin"... More

Waiting on the government before firing up new excavation

Still No New Mining Permits in Madagascar

Want a mining permit in Madagascar? You're going to have to wait. The Mining Cadastre Bureau of Magascar (BCMM) announced in early March that it will continue its hold on issuing new mining permits. More

Connecting Central Africa to high-speed Internet

High-Speed Internet in Congo to Create Opportunities Across Central Africa

High-speed internet is coming to Congo this year. The Steering Committee of the Central African Backbone (CAB) project announced this past January... More

Gold mining showing more promise than ever

Digging into the Future of Gold Mining in Ivory Coast

With no signs of slowing down, Ivory Coast's gold mining industry has just received another boost. More