Latest news regarding legal matters across Francophone Africa.

Mauritius COVID-19 Update

Mauritius is currently in a strict national lockdown until 25 March 2021 to prevent the spread of Covid-19 following a spike in infections,... More

Central African Republic's ousted leader Bozizé to run for president again

The Central African Republic's former president François Bozizé on Saturday announced he would run in a presidential election in December, a high-risk vote in an impoverished country that has been ravaged by civil war since his overthrow in 2013... More

Madagascar COVID-19 Update

Last Saturday (14 March 2020), the President of the Republic of Madagascar took the decision to... More

CEMAC has equipped itself with a new framework for effective competition law enforcement

Dawn Raids a Real Prospect under CEMAC Competition Regulation

CEMAC's competition regulation gives authorities powers to investigate anti-competitive practices and concentrations, so businesses should be prepared for dawn raids. More

Ffooks Gokulsing offices

Ffooks Gokulsing LLP a new Mauritian law firm

Ffooks Gokulsing LLP is a new Mauritian law firm created as a collaboration between John W Ffooks & Co and Gokulsing Chambers More

Madagascar moves a step closer to reforming its mining legislation

Madagascar’s Mining Bill in Brief

Madagascar is preparing to reform its legislation governing the prospection and mining of metals and minerals. More

Solar energy is the green answer to the need for greater electrification in West Africa

West Africa Offers Huge Potential for Off-Grid Solar

Stand-alone solar power systems, seen as the solution to sub-Saharan Africa’s lack of electrification, offer new business opportunities in West Africa More

Technological and commercial creativity is driving the development of mobile money

Fintech Innovation Flourishes in Francophone Africa

Mobile money is bringing financial inclusiveness to francophone sub-Saharan Africa and stimulating technological and commercial innovation. More

Madagascar has many unharnessed sources of hydropower

Madagascar Counts on Hydro and Solar Energy to Expand Electrification

Madagascar is embarking on an ambitious plan to develop hydro and solar energy and expand electrification across the country. More

The growing mobile market is key to the region's digital transformation

Digital Technology is Transforming Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa

Deployment of information and communications technology is expanding across sub-Saharan Africa, with mobile telephony driving the region's digital transformation More

Improved connectivity is raising the region's profile in international business

2018 – An Auspicious Year in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa

A round-up of some 2018 highlights in various business sectors across francophone sub-Saharan Africa More

New developments in Madagascar's oil sector are on the horizon

Bidding Opens for Madagascar’s Offshore Oil Blocks

Madagascar invites bids for offshore exploration of potentially rich oil reserves. More