Latest news regarding legal matters across Francophone Africa.

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2023 – Madagascar Introduces Progressive Reforms to Strengthen Sustainable Mining Practices and Combat Illegal Gold Trade

Learn more about the recent changes in mining legislation in Madagascar following the last Council of Ministers. More

2023 – Highlights of the FSB progress report on the LIBOR and other benchmark transitions

Here are the key aspects of the FSB progress report on the LIBOR and other benchmark transitions. More

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2023 – Carbon Credits – What Are They?

We are now seeing more companies adopting carbon offsetting during their transition to clean energy. This article will focus on the practical application and implications of this process for a small island like Mauritius. More

Digital Credit

2023 – Digital Credit Providers – Madagascar

With digital credit becoming more and more common in Africa, this month we are bringing you a brief note on Digital Credit Providers in Madagascar. More

Port and Shipping Containers

2022 – Common maritime transport disputes in Francophone Africa

Get a brief overview of common maritime transport disputes we encounter in French-speaking Africa More

IFLR Awards

2022 – John W Ffooks & Co won “OHADA Law Firm of the Year” by IFLR

We are really delighted and humbled to announce that John W Ffooks & Co has been awarded “OHADA Law Firm of the Year” by... More

2022 – [Webinar] Managing a law firm in Africa: fostering leadership and growth | International Bar Association

We are pleased to announce that John W Ffooks & Co will be speaking at IBA’s Virtual Conference this year! More

2022 – No more COVID-19 testing requirements for travellers to Madagascar

Updates on the last Council of Ministers in Madagascar – 10 August 2022 More

2022 – Focus on the situation in Mali

The sanctions imposed on Mali have stifled its economy in various ways. And the new developments on the sanctions against Mali are expected to be beneficial to many. More

2022 – John W Ffooks & Co and Simmons & Simmons join forces to launch Crypto Reviewer

Need to stay up to speed with constantly evolving crypto laws and regulations? Check the Crypto Reviewer. More

2022 – Updates on the last Council of Ministers in Madagascar

New provisions for the wearing of masks have also been made and approved. More

Why Crypto Hasn't Taken Off In Francophone Africa Yet

So far, there seems to be no legal framework that clearly addresses crypto currencies in Madagascar, West or Central French-speaking Africa. More