We have a deep understanding and knowledge of this growing sector in Africa and advise international aircraft leasing companies, airport operators, as well as national airlines, on aircraft financing deals (wet and dry), airport infrastructure and general aviation law across Francophone Africa.

11 Matters

Jurisdictional review - Central African Republic

We advised the global leader in helicopter leasing and completed a jurisdictional review on aircrafts leasing to a South African company... More

Aircraft registration - Gabon

We advised an aerospace manufacturer of business jets for civilian and military use on the registration of a lien against client’s... More

Aircraft Acquisition - Cameroon

We advised an alternative asset based investment and management company focused on the leasing and financing of large ticket assets and... More

Aircraft Leasing - Congo

We answered a jurisdiction questionnaire relating to the leasing of an aircraft to an airline registered in Congo-Brazzaville for... More

Air transport is poised to become Africa’s new growth industry

Aircraft Refinancing - Madagascar

We acted for a well-known Dublin-based aviation finance house in relation to the sale and lease back of three commercial aircrafts as well... More

Operating aircraft within the law.

Aircraft operation - Guinea

We advised an aircraft finance division of a major industrial company and on the basic regulatory framework for operating aircraft in... More

Setting up shop in the island nation.

Expanded African airlines in Madagascar

We provided thorough legal counsel on the establishment of a Malagasy branch office for Seychelles' national... More

Growing airlines

Company incorporation - Madagascar

We advised a leading African airline on the registration of their presence in... More

Soaring into Madagascar

Advice on aircraft lease - Madagascar

We advised an international consortium based in the United States on leasing an aircraft in Madagascar. We provided a formal legal opinion... More