Ports & Maritime

John W Ffooks & Co expert maritime lawyers have built-up a proven track record on advising on a range of maritime law matters in Madagascar and the OHADA countries. For global trade in developing markets, ports play a pivotal role and our Madagascar office, is a major strength in our ability to service all aspects of our clients’ business and commercial interests in Francophone Africa.

Our firm provides the full range of strategic commercial advice required by today’s modern ports. Combined with expert local knowledge, the J W Ffooks & Co legal team spans the industry, assisting clients with security and related matters, advising on regulatory issues, through to construction and major infrastructure projects transforming ports into key operations, with terminal and transport infrastructure.

18 Matters
Shipping & custom advice

Advice on shipping document fees - Cameroon

We advised a Washington-based law firm on shipping document fees and custom administrative costs in... More

Container port of Pointe-Noire

BOT concession advice for a port project - Congo

We advised a Chinese engineering contractor providing infrastructure construction in connection with the contracting of a BOT concession... More

Comoros ship mortgage advice

Comoros ship mortgage advice

We advised an Islamic Bank located in UAE in relation to the preliminary registration of the first preferred Union of Comoros ship mortgage... More

Structuring & vessel ownership

Corporate & maritime law advice on structuring and vessel ownership

We advised a UAE-based marine services provider on structuring and vessel ownership based on corporate and maritime law applicable in Togo,... More

Ship mortgage, tanker ship in Togo

Ship mortgage - Togo

We advised a specialist maritime law firm based in the City of London and provided a legal opinion confirming the validity and... More

Vessel arrest advice Toamasina, Madagascar

Vessel arrest advice - Toamasina, Madagascar

We advised a Jordanian shipping and marine supplier on vessel arrest in Toamasina, Madagascar. We specifically advised on the process and... More

Vessel arrest advice, Madagascar

Vessel arrest advice - Mahajanga, Madagascar

We advised a Danish oil products and bunkering services supplier regarding a vessel arrest in Mahajanga, Madagascar, based on the maritime... More

Cargo recovery advice

Cargo recovery advice - Madagascar

We advised a global food and industrial raw materials provider on cargo recovery in Madagascar, specifically on timing for the court to... More

Maritime transportation litigation advice

Maritime transportation litigation advice -Madagascar

We advised a Kenyan shipping company on maritime transportation litigation in... More

Vessel arrest advice

Vessel arrest advice - Madagascar

We advised a Greek law firm on vessel arrest in Madagascar, based on the Brussels and Malagasy maritime code, specifically on possible... More

Maritime & labour law advice, Madagascar port

Maritime & labour law advice - Madagascar

We advised a Hong-Kong-based law firm on maritime and labour laws in Madagascar, specifically on the procedures for a boat entrance into... More

Vessel mortgage advice, Comoros

Vessel mortgage advice - Comoros

We advised a global law firm on vessel mortgage registration in... More