John W Ffooks & Co mining experience as a leading legal practice is renowned across Francophone Africa. Our unparalleled insight into the mining industry, in the region, spans from acting on the world’s largest single resource financing to nurturing emerging junior companies.  Our exceptional expertise and knowledge of the local market, is reinforced by an innate understanding of all technical aspects of the business and on how mining works operationally, so we can overcome specific challenges.

Our team of mining lawyers understand the high-risk, complex and sensitive mining disputes and associated political intricacies inherent in the region.  Our key strengths cover due diligence, document creation and review, structuring appropriate corporate vehicles, multinational asset sale and purchase, other corporate Opinions, asset verification and general corporate advice including all relevant environmental and regulatory considerations.

We anticipate strong growth in the mining sector across the region. Our mining lawyers are ready to advise and offer innovative solutions on all points of the legal cycle to meet the needs of the industry and bring a results-orientated approach to clients.

45 Matters
Making mining decisions the right way.

Iron ore project - Guinea

We advised the Guinean Government on an iron ore project. Our legal assistance included an analysis of all relevant environmental and... More

Acquisition of uranium mining assets

Acquisition of uranium assets

We advised an investing company on its acquisition of a company with uranium assets in the south of Madagascar. We completed extensive due... More

Corporate, environmental & mining advice Iron Ore project

Corporate, environmental and mining advice - Guinea

We advised the Government of Guinea on an Iron Ore project. We analysed all the environmental legislation in Guinea, especially that... More

Capital raising on gold project

Capital raising advice on gold project

We advised a TSXV listed Canadian exploration company on capital raising. We undertook due diligence on its gold project within a very... More

AIM-listing advice for ASX-listing

AIM listing advice for ASX-listed uranium company - Mauritania

We advised an ASX-listed uranium exploration company on its AlM Listing. We acted as joint managing counsel and local counsel to the... More

Target assets & due diligence, Ivory Coast

Due diligence in Ivory Coast

We conducted a detailed due diligence of target assets in the Ivory Coast for a Canadian finance house. We advised both on the regulatory... More

Mining assets in Burkina Faso.

Mining investment in Burkina Faso and Mali

We advised a major Canadian fund on its investment into mining assets in Burkina Faso and Mali. We conducted full due diligence on both the... More

Corporate & mineral assets advice

TSE-listing and due diligence on corporate & mineral assets

We advised a Canadian company with assets in Burkina Faso and Mali regarding an in-depth consultation on its listing on the Toronto Stock... More

Graphite space & mining code advice

Graphite assets - Madagascar

We advised a Johannesbourg & London based PE house on its bid of certain target companies in the graphite space in Madagascar. We also... More

Acquisition of shares for graphite company

Acquisition of shares by a CSE-listed graphite company

We advised a CSE-listed Canadian graphite company on its acquisition of shares from a shareholding company and also on the transfer of... More

Ambatovy Project financing, Madagascar

Advice on US $8.5bn Ambatovy Project Financing in Madagascar

We have considerable experience in advising large project finance transactions during construction phase in Madagascar. Since 2005 we have... More

Tax restructuring mining group

Tax restructuring advice - Madagascar

We assisted a law firm, acting on behalf of a mining company group restructuring. We provided legal advice on on the tax related regulatory... More


Safeguarding your potential investments with extensive due diligence

Due diligence on mining assets - Togo

We acted for an AIM listed company and performed an initial due diligence on mining assets in Togo. We advised on specific aspects of the... More

Providing guidance for your nominated advisor with your acquisitions in Togo

Acquisition of mining company - Togo

We advised an AIM-listed junior on its acquisition of a Togolese mining company, including its permits and assets. We carried out the due... More

Looking to make a strategic acquisition in Mali? We can help with that

Acquisition of Malian mining asset

We acted for a Singapore-listed company intending to acquire an ASX listed company. We verified statements in the bidder’s statement... More

Getting your due diligence done quickly and effectively

Capital raising on gold project for a TSXV listed exploration company, Burkina Faso

A TSXV listed Canadian exploration company required advice on capital raising. We undertook due diligence on its Bomboré gold... More

Helping your mining company expand with solid corporate law advice

Incorporating subsidiary for a TSX-listed mining company

We have incorporated a local subsidiary for a TSX-listed mining services provider and advised on corporate and tax... More

Restructure your company in a taxation-optimal way

Company restructuring - Senegal

We advised a law firm regarding the corporate restructuring of its Senegal-based mining corporation client. Our advice included an overview... More

We work on nine-figure mining acquisitions

US$157M acquisition of Malagasy assets

We advised a major Thai mining house on its US$157m acquisition of the Madagascar assets of a Canadian listed company. We reviewed a large... More

Our team can handle your due diligence needs

Due diligence of target assets in Ivory Coast

We were instructed by a Canadian finance house to undertake a detailed due diligence of target assets in the Ivory Coast. We advised both... More

Growing your mining corporation in Madagascar

Mining project development in Madagascar

We advised an Australian Mining Junior on all aspects of its project development in Madagascar. We oversaw the acquisition of two local... More

Assisting with your corporate mining transactions in Madagascar

Legal advice - Madagascar

We assisted a Chinese titanium dioxide pigment supplier on the Malagasy elements of a proposed transaction with an Australian Securities... More

Investigating potential mining acquisitions in Guinea

Potential acquisition of mining assets - Guinea

We conducted a due diligence for a major mining company on a potential acquisition of mining assets in... More

Mining asset management made straightforward

Asset management in Guinea

We advised a Toronto-listed mining junior in respect of its Guinean assets. We prepared a detailed legal opinion on the underlying asset,... More