2022 – No more COVID-19 testing requirements for travellers to Madagascar

Air transport is poised to become Africa’s new growth industry
Air transport is poised to become Africa’s new growth industry
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The Council has approved the initiative to remove COVID-19 testing requirements (PCR test on departure and TDR test on arrival) for travellers wishing to come to Madagascar.

It should be noted that these new provisions are effective from Thursday 11 August 2022.

There are many reasons for this turnaround: from the decrease in the number of covid cases to an attempt to revive the tourism sector.

The reported figures speak for themselves:

Time period

Number of new covid cases

09-15 July 2022


16-22 July 2022


23-29 July 2022


30 july-05 August 2022


06-09 August 2022


Source: official website of the government of Madagascar (presidence.gov.mg) – 10 August 2022

And, for several months, entrepreneurs operating in the tourism sector have been calling for the lifting of COVID-19 testing requirements for travels to Madagascar as they discourage tourists from coming, and thus prevent the revival of tourism.

Indeed, it is nothing new that since the outbreak of the pandemic, the tourism sector has been in apparent decline, while thousands of people made their living from tourism, not to mention how it used to be a source of revenue for the Malagasy state.

Another reason for this decision was that, unlike the first waves of covid, the new case or "variant" does not result in a "severe case" according to studies conducted and observation made by the Ministry of Public Health.

Nevertheless, the government calls for vigilance and encourages the population to protect themselves by getting vaccinated. Vaccines remain free of charge and left to personal choice.


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