Telecommunications & IT

Africa’s telecommunications sector is growing exponentially. It’s also full of legal and business complexities; from electromagnetic spectrum licensing, to government procurement, to general corporate and intellectual property law.

John W Ffooks & Co has considerable experience working for a variety of clients in a multitude of telecommunications matters. We’ve helped operators, equipment suppliers, and finance houses working in landline and mobile telephony, radio operations, and much more.

Our experienced lawyers advise clients across francophone Africa, assisting on all aspects of their legal needs.

44 Matters
Expanding e-commerce across Africa

Retailer looked to John W Ffooks & Co for e-commerce law advice across Africa

Our lawyers gave actionable legal advice to a major e-commerce retailer on operations in Chad, Ivory Coast, Mali, and Madagascar. We... More

Getting informed on Internet law

Provided counsel on Internet regulation in Ivory Coast, Madagascar, and Senegal

The team at John W Ffooks & Co advised an American multinational Internet corporation on regulatory implications for its project in... More

Setting up shop in Africa

Outsourcing Company Establishing Itself in Four Countries

We had the pleasure of helping a global leader in information technology outsourcing services set up offices in Burkina Faso, Chad, Gabon,... More

Facilitating share transfers in telecommunications

Democratic Republic Of Congo - Share Transfers and Shareholder Equity in Telecommunications

Our firm counselled a major multinational telecommunications provider on a proposed transfer of shares in Congo and on shareholder... More

Applying good app practices

Democratic Republic Of Congo - Software Application Law

A South Korean multinational information technology company had several questions about the legal implications of launching software... More

Have a legal problem spanning nine countries? We can help you

Massive Telecommunications Tower-Sharing Across Nine Countries

Our client, a Gulf-based telecommunications provider, was investing in a massive tower-sharing enterprise across nine OHADA (Organisation... More

Multinational telecommunications is no problem for us

Chad, Congo, and Gabon - Buying Telecom Masts in Three Countries

A major international telecommunications corporation took us on for a major project: acquisition of telecom masts in Congo, Chad, and... More

Helping secure telecoms acquisitions

Chad, Congo - Communications Towers Acquisition

A multinational telecommunication corporation planned to acquire communications towers owned by another business in Congo and Chad. Our... More

Giving the right advice on bulk-dialing

Comoros - Bulk-Dialing

A German telecommunications service provider wanted to purchase non-geographical phone numbers to use for bulk-dialing. We reviewed the... More

Connecting European business with Comorosian consumers

Comoros - Non-Geographical Phone Number Allocation

A Switzerland-based telecommunications company had an interest in the allocation of non-geographical phone numbers in Comoros. We provided... More

Mapping the beauty of Comoros

Comoros - Geospatial Mapping Advice

A multinational communications and information technology corporation had concerns about potential criminal liability for geospatial... More

Getting mobile telephony going in the Central African Republic

Central African Republic - Offshore Telephony Licensing

Our offshore client was interested in acquiring a company with a mobile telephony license. We protected their interests by •... More


Connecting IT to quality legal advice in OHADA

Provided data protection advice for IT company across OHADA region

We explained data protection laws across the OHADA region for a leading IT services company client. This involved ensuring compliance for... More

Mergers & acquisitions in African telecoms

Acquiring telecoms facilities in Chad, Congo, & Gabon

We were happy to work for a telecommunications tower company on a proposed security package involving our client's... More

Senate building in Madagascar

Conducting a Telecomms Regulatory Review in Madagascar & Comoros

Acting for a client of a French law firm, we conducted a review of the telecommunications sector in Madagascar in relation to the... More