Telecommunications & IT

Africa’s telecommunications sector is growing exponentially. It’s also full of legal and business complexities; from electromagnetic spectrum licensing, to government procurement, to general corporate and intellectual property law.

John W Ffooks & Co has considerable experience working for a variety of clients in a multitude of telecommunications matters. We’ve helped operators, equipment suppliers, and finance houses working in landline and mobile telephony, radio operations, and much more.

Our experienced lawyers advise clients across francophone Africa, assisting on all aspects of their legal needs.

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We understand modern tech law

Internet service provider server advice

We conducted a multi-jurisdictional analysis for an American social networking service and provided detailed advice on whether caching... More

Our team understands the needs of modern businesses

Corporate regulation in Cameroon and Ivory Coast

We advised a leading ISP on corporate operations and e-commerce regulations in Cameroon and Ivory Coast. Catering to the client's needs, we... More

Actionable advice for your high-tech company

Radio spectrum licensing

We provided advice on spectrum frequency licensing, allocation, and assignment to an American social networking business in Cameroon, Ivory... More

Need enforceable software licenses in Africa? Talk to us

Regulatory advice - Cameroon and Senegal

We provided an extensive review of the applicability of a software multinational's drafted Terms of Use license for its software services... More

Connecting social networks to lawyers in Africa

Wi-Fi regulations across OHADA region

We advised a social-networking business on the legal and regulatory framework for their proposed express Wi-Fi service in Cameroon and... More

Thorough labour law advice

Satellite service provider - Senegal

We assisted a leading satellite service company with their employment matters in Senegal. We specifically advised on the termination... More

Looking to make major corporate acquisitions in Africa? Come to us for guidance

Telecommunications towers acquisition in Rwanda and Madagascar

We acted for a global leader in telecommunication tower operation in relation to its acquisition of telecommunication masts in Rwanda and... More

Drafting complex documents for multinational technology companies

Pledging of securities - Madagascar

We assisted a Swedish multinational provider of communication technology and services with the establishment and perfecting of three... More

Clearing the way for shortwave radio in Madagascar

Establishment, licencing and construction of an SW Radio station

We acted for a US-based NGO by negotiating the operating licence for short wave radio towers and negotiated, drafted and registered the... More

Radio operations in the island nation

Shortwave radio transmission - Madagascar

We advised a UK-based radio operator on shortwave radio transmission in Madagascar. Advice included a due diligence on their existing... More

Expanding e-commerce across Africa

Internet Sales

We acted for a major on-line retailer advising whether the client’s standard way of operating in new countries was acceptable under... More

Getting informed on Internet law

Internet regulation advice - Ivory Coast, Madagascar and Senegal

We advised an American multinational internet corporation on regulatory implications for its project in Ivory Coast, Madagascar, and... More


Connecting IT to quality legal advice in OHADA

Data protection advice across the OHADA region

We advised a leading IT services company on the rules for data protection across the OHADA region. This involved ensuring compliance for... More

Mergers & acquisitions in African telecoms

Telecom facilities acquisition in Chad, Congo, & Gabon

We advised a telecommunications tower company on their proposed minimum security package in relation to our client's... More

Senate building in Madagascar

Telecommunications regulatory review - Madagascar & Comoros

We acted for a client of a French law firm and conducted a review of the telecommunications sector in Madagascar in relation to the... More