Our regulatory practice plays an essential role in helping clients understand the legal framework governing their sector of business by identifying key areas of risk within that particular area of law.

Our regulatory teams advises on the procedures for establishing financial institutions in the Francophone region, issuing new financial products, as well as on the regulatory aspects of financial-based M&A transactions, commenting on close-out and netting provisions in ISDA and other similar documentation, advising on bankruptcy risk and procedure as well as issues of sovereign immunity.

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Regulatory advice - Congo

We advised a leading tobacco company on the ratification of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control protocol to eliminate illicit trade... More

Compliance advice on activities with Environmental Specification Book

Compliance advice for major oil E&P activities with Environmental Specification Book in Madagascar

A major independent oil exploration and production company requested advice on compliance of its activities with the Environmental... More

Environmental clean-up, Cameroon for global oil E&P

Environmental clean-up advice in Cameroon

We advised a global oil exploration and production company on environmental clean-up obligations in... More

Review & analysis on environmental legislation Ivory Coast

Environmental legislation review & analysis - Ivory Coast

We reviewed and analysed all the environmental legislation in Ivory Coast, especially relevant to large scale projects and infrastructure... More

Environmental Permitting advice for offshore exploration , Madagascar

Environmental permitting advice - Madagascar

We advised a British multinational consultancy, engineering and project management company on the environmental permitting process overview... More

Environmental OHADA survey

Environmental OHADA survey

We conducted an environmental survey entitled "Acquiring or selling business: key considerations relating to environmental law" in Benin,... More

Access to free legal advice for NGOs on Disaster Risk Reduction laws

Advice on disaster risk reduction laws - OHADA countries

We advised a global charity working in partnership with the world's leading law firms, on the provision of free access to legal advice for... More

Harvesting, processing, transportation, and exportation of plants species, distilled essential oils & plant products.

Advice on harvesting, processing, transportation and exportation of plant species in Madagascar

We provided a legal opinion on the requirements in respect of harvesting, processing, transportation, and exportation of plant species and... More

Providing NGOs with thorough legal counsel.

Corporate and employment advice in multiple Francophone African countries

We acted for a Washington DC law firm on behalf of a leading NGO in the health sector by analysing the legislation across multiple... More

PSC review for US upstream company

PSC review for an US upstream company - Congo-Brazzaville

We advised an US upstream company and conducted a detailed review of its Production Sharing Contract with the Government of... More

Memorandum of Understanding for oil company

Regulatory advice for a major oil company - Madagascar

We advised a leading independent oil exploration and production company and ensured that their Memorandum of Understanding for the... More

Corporate advice for oil exploration company

Corporate advice for a leading oil exploration company - Madagascar

We advised a leading independent oil exploration and production company on their proposed farm-out of two petroleum blocks in... More


Regulatory compliance on Gabonese environmental, health & safety laws

Regulatory compliance on Gabonese environmental, health & safety laws

We advised an Italian multinational oil and gas company on regulatory compliance requirements on Gabonese environmental, health and safety... More

Getting the facts on spectrum allocation

Licensing regime advice - Cameroon

We advised an American social networking service, as part of its Express Wi-Fi deployment, on the licensing regime in Cameroon for spectrum... More

Does your marketing strategy comply with local law? Ask our team

Regulatory advice on pricing in Cameroon

We advised an American social networking service on regulations around price discrimination, promotional text messaging and tariffs for its... More

Data roaming in Cameroon

Data roaming licensing

We advised an American social networking service on its planned data roaming service offering. We provided advice relating to license... More

Rolling out Express Wi-Fi across Cameroon

Express Wi-Fi services - Cameroon

We advised an American social network on their planned Express Wi-Fi services in Cameroon. Our legal advice included assisting with... More

Streaming Internet from the sky

Internet regulation - OHADA region

We worked for a major American multinational, and provided legal advice on an innovative service they planned to offer: the provision of... More

Engineering great results for engineering companies

Project implementation in Africa

We acted for a global leader in electrical engineering and electronics and reviewed the legal documents as well as the legal risks that may... More

Call us with your telecommunications law questions

Advice on the implementation of new software

We advised a major mobile phone retailer on the regulatory regime and legal risks for the implementation of its new software across ten... More

Not sure about the legal risks of your new project? Consult with John W Ffooks & Co

IT platform - Regulatory advice

We acted for a world-leading web-platform provider and advised on all aspects of Ivorian  law and regulation for its latest offering.... More

We understand modern tech law

Internet service provider server advice

We conducted a multi-jurisdictional analysis for an American social networking service and provided detailed advice on whether caching... More

Our team understands the needs of modern businesses

Corporate regulation in Cameroon and Ivory Coast

We advised a leading ISP on corporate operations and e-commerce regulations in Cameroon and Ivory Coast. Catering to the client's needs, we... More

Actionable advice for your high-tech company

Radio spectrum licensing

We provided advice on spectrum frequency licensing, allocation, and assignment to an American social networking business in Cameroon, Ivory... More