Joint counsel to the Ambatovy mine, the largest economic investment in the history of Madagascar

We're proud to be counsel to the Ambatovy mine
We're proud to be counsel to the Ambatovy mine
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John W Ffooks is proud to be a co-counsel on the Ambatovy mine, a large-tonnage, long-life nickel and cobalt mine located in Madagascar. At US$9B in scale, Ambatovy marks a number of historic milestones; it is:

  • the largest-ever foreign economic investment in Madagascar;
  • one of the largest private investments in sub-Saharan Africa's history;
  • the largest lateritic nickel mining project in the world; and
  • the largest single mine finance deal in world history.
    Our extensive and on-going work for the project includes:
  • Advising project governance groups on all regulatory hurdles to surmount for project approval (including permits, consents, authorisations, and investment incentives). This involved crafting easy-to-understand, fully-annotated flowcharts for each regulatory process;
  • Assisting with obtaining permits from and maintaining them with the relevant local authorities;
  • Liaising between the Operations and Owner Project Groups to guarantee allocation of needed resources to address potential permit-approval blockages; and
  • Securing the land for the project perimeter, including advising on security for financing, requiring extensive real estate legal work for over 200 separate parcels of lands as well as easements for over 220km of territory.
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