Our corporate department is at the heart of our practice. We have extensive local and international experience.

Our lawyers have exceptional legal skills and training which allow them to provide our clients with an effective means to capitalise on opportunities and overcome challenges in all sectors of the economy. Our lawyers are fully aware of the need for legal advice and legal structures to be compatible with the needs of modern commerce, industry and finance.

We handle a variety of domestic and international transactional work, offering a range of corporate housekeeping services to our clients by taking in charge the preparation of legal documents and completion of administrative formalities.

84 Matters
Internet on the coast.

Worked with mobile Internet company to establish Ivory Coast branch

We provided general corporate advice to a mobile Internet services company opening up offices in Ivory... More

Engaging legal counsel for your energy law needs.

Provided corporate advice to downstream product provider in Gabon

We provided a variety of services to a South African distributor of downstream products in Gabon; namely, advice on: Operational... More

Developing international development organisations.

Helped development company establish offices in Mauritania

An American development company was interested in opening offices in Mauritania. The company consulted with our team, who crafted a... More

Networking in Togo.

Served telecommunications multinational with business establishment in Togo

We were delighted to help an international networking-and-telecommunications company establish a formal presence in... More

Opening up operations for oil companies.

Assisted oil company on business expansion in Togo

Our team counselled a midstream-and-downstream oil company on opening facilities in the Togolese... More

Telecommunications across Africa.

Advised multinational telecommunications business on corporate growth in Mali

An international networking-and-telecommunications equipment and services company wanted to open a branch in the Republic of Mali. They... More

Connecting software companies to new opportunities.

Connected software company to business expansion in Mali

We were pleased to assist a modern software company, focussing on Internet-connected mobile devices, in expanding to... More

Digging into Madagascar.

Worked with Canadian mining company on incorporation in Madagascar

A Canada-based mining company looked to the experience in our team for its incorporation needs in... More

Growing your airline.

Assisted Kenyan airline company with branch establishment in Madagascar

The team at John W Ffooks & Co provided thorough legal counsel to a Kenyan airline company on opening a branch in... More

Expanding to Madagascar.

Helped Chinese industry grow business in Madagascar

A China-based construction-and-engineering company consulted with John W Ffooks & Co on expanding its business to... More

Banking on our team for finance law.

Guided American banking institution in offering services to Guineans

A leading American financial institution providing merchant banking services wanted to provide bank accounts and financial services in... More

Secured loans and corporate structuring.

Advised London-based leasing company on corporate law & secured loans in Guinea

We provided advice on a number of legal matters for a leasing company, including: Expanding operations into Guinea; Corporate... More


International share scheme advice &  in-country rules in OHADA region

Advice on setting up and running an international share scheme for business in the OHADA region

Employee Benefits & Share Schemes Plan, we advised a client active within OHADA region, completing an initial country questionnaire/... More

Labour dispute advice for global manufacturer

Labour dispute advice for global manufacturer of specialty packaging

A global manufacturer of protective and specialty packaging for food and consumer goods required advice on a labour dispute matter in... More

Legal employment advice for non-profit research & development organisation

Legal employment advice for youth project for non-profit research & development organisation

We acted for a non-profit research and development organization, advising on the legal employment framework for the launch of youth project... More

Employment law & employee labour court claim advice

Advice on Malagasy employment law and an employee labour claim in court

An international telecoms equipment manufacturer required advice regarding a claim by an employee before the labour court and we advised on... More

Assisting global logistics company across 3 jurisdictions

Global logistics company's redundancy & performance management processes across 3 jurisdictions

We advised a global logistics company on the redundancy of its employees in Burkina Faso, Guinea and Madagascar. We also acted for the same... More

Review of employment contract template for Scottish distillery & setting up of representative office in Cameroon

Advice for independent Scottish distillery on representative Cameroon office

An independent, family-owned Scottish distillery company sought advice on the setting-up of a representative Cameroon office and review of... More

Settlement agreement negotiation after branch closure

Employee settlement agreement for insurance provider after branch closure

A specialist insurance provider required advice on the negotiation of a settlement agreement with its employees following the Malagasy... More

Termination of employment contract advice

Advice on termination of employment contract for non-profit organisation

A non-profit organisation based in Washington DC which provides development aid for Africa, required advice on the termination of... More

Contract employee termination negotiation, Madagascar

Negotiation on contract employee termination for solar energy equipment supplier

A Malagasy solar energy equipment supplier sought our advice on negotiating the termination of contracts of its employees in Madagascar and... More

Setting up of share scheme for large US financial institutions in-country, Gabon

Major UK-listed Oil & Gas company advice on setting up of share scheme in Gabon

We acted for a major UK-listed independent Oil & Gas company, advising on the rules governing the setting up of a share scheme in Gabon... More

Voluntary redundancy advice for environmental organisation

Voluntary redundancy advice for international non-government environmental organisation

An international non-governmental organisation specialising in wilderness preservation and reduction of humanity's footprint on the... More

Complex litigation for debt recovery.

Debt recovery law for pharmaceutical corporation in Madagascar

A pharmaceutical manufacturer consulted with John W Ffooks & Co regarding debt recovery under a distribution... More