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John W Ffooks & Co is experienced with legal matters across Francophone Africa in mining, oil & gas, banking - finance and financial markets, telecommunications, stock market listing AIM - TSX - ASX, mergers & acquisitions, real estate and employment law.

John W Ffooks & Co prides itself on the quality and the targeted nature of its advice. We are able to advise at any stage of an investment. We have experience of directly advising boards of listed companies on their overall strategy in Francophone Africa. Equally, we excel in the detailed application of that strategy, working together with local and regional management to ensure its successful implementation.

We are the only firm in Francophone Africa with such developed Napoleonic and English law expertise, making us better able to deal with Anglophone-orientated transactions. Our City of London experience allows us to anticipate the client's needs, making us a proactive partner in dealing with local counsel.

No transaction is too large or too small for John W Ffooks & Co.

Our multi-jurisdictional experience and coverage enables us to provide advice on a number of fronts, whether multi-country legal framework reviews, assessing legal liability across a number of countries, as well as related regulatory issues.

We have also been asked on a number of occasions to lead teams of lawyer even in jurisdictions where we are not specifically active.

We have the largest team in Antananarivo, with almost a dozen staff of varying levels all with transactional experience. English is the language of our business and all our junior and administrative staff (as well as John Ffooks) speak fluent English as well as French and are happy communicating by email, phone or face to face in English.