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Mauritania - Overview

We now cover Mauritania.

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Mauritania - Experience

Listing opinion

We have recently issued the listing opinion for an Australian company with assets in Burkina Faso and Mauritania on its listing on the London Stock Exchange. We conducted extensive due diligence into the mineral assets of the project companies, and prepared a detailed report for inclusion in the listing prospectus.

Guidelines for Shipping Religious Materials

We have acted for American non-profitable organization and provided guidelines for shipping religious articles and materials into Francophone African countries.

Doing business in Mauritania

We provided a memorandum, which set out in greater detail information on doing business in Mauritania for an US private development company that wished to establish a local presence in this country.


We advised Halliburton, in connection with both the proposed divestment of specific Halliburton's business units and with the planning for the integration of Halliburton's operations with the operations of Baker Hughes, and completed an integration analysis questionnaire for Mauritania.

Distribution agreements

We advised a global healthcare company in relation to the termination of distribution agreements in Mauritania.

Distribution agreements

We advised a leading independent oil exploration and production company in relation to the establishment of an employee incentive scheme for their employees in Mauritania.