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Mali - Overview

Mali’s key economic driver is its agricultural industry, with cotton acting as its largest crop export, although foreign investors are interested in the country’s mining resources and attracted by its fairly relaxed mining codes. The growth in export levels of gold have served well where regional unrest, in neighbouring Côte d’Ivoire, have had an impact.

The government is keen to attract foreign involvement, and in doing so initiate economic reform. This meant focussing on privatization, and a reformation of public enterprises.

The current constitution favours an independent judiciary, and Mali’s highest courts are the Supreme Court, with judicial and administrative powers, and a Constitutional Court, although various lower courts exist.

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Mali - Experience

Banking Regulation - Major International Bank

We have assisted a major international bank in determining its in-country rules for opening bank accounts and offering financial services. This involved a review of the regulatory environment, legislation and industry rules, as well as speaking to industry players in-country to determine established practice.

Banking Opinion – Major US Financial Institution

We were asked to provide an opinion to this major US finance house on taking and exercising security in the CAR, as well as how to deal with any funds which were realised.

Regulatory Review – Telecommunications Equipment

Acting for a US-based equipment manufacturer and service provider, we have reviewed the regulatory regime in 5 countries in the region to see what licences are required and how they are obtained for the installation and operation of the client’s equipment. We are providing further advice on a country-by-country basis as the client progresses.

Bankruptcy Law and Practise

We have written the chapter on bankruptcy in the Central African Republic for Thomson Reuter’s Inside the Minds: Bankruptcy Law Client Strategies in the Middle East and Africa.

Internet sales – On-line Retailer

We acted for a major on-line retailer advising whether the client’s standard way of operating in new countries was acceptable under local law. Issues included advice on sale of goods; import, export and customs regulations; advice on the regulatory framework for investors generally; as well as commenting on framework under which laws and regulations are drafted and amended.

Power Generation – Regulatory Review

Working in partnership with a City of London law firm, we have reviewed in detail the regulatory environment for establishing an Independent Power Project (IPP) in Mali. We have reviewed all aspects of creating an IPP, including corporate, fiscal, employment and real estate.