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Madagascar - Overview

Madagascar has benefitted from a World Bank and IMF recommended approach of privatization and liberalization, which means that the country has seen steady, if not dramatic, growth. The economy is served well through its export industry, although it lost its duty-free access status to the US in early 2010. The effects of previous political unrest on the country’s economy continue to abate following domestic and international negotiations, which are ongoing.

The government is increasingly targeting foreign investment into Madagascar, and structural reforms are being established as a result. Recently, there have also been a number of significant projects in the mining and oil and gas sector that will no doubt give the economy a valuable boost.

The legal system is based on French civil law system and traditional Malagasy law, having moved from move from a bifurcated judicial system to a single judicial system. There has been significant research and development done into alternative dispute resolution systems aimed at facilitating faster and resolution of commercial disputes.

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Madagascar - Experience

Coming to Madagascar ?

We have gathered some of our partners together to help you plan in advance and make the most of your trip.

If you are staying in Tana for a few days and would like to take advantage of our concessionary rates for hotel and/or car hire please contact our office administrator, Tsilavo: who will be happy to help you make a booking, contact any of the companies listed below, or with any other aspect of your trip's organisation.

Richfield Investor Services

To look after all your company secretarial and back office needs. In addition, Richfield represents a number of companies providing goods and services to the Natural Resources sector in Madagascar.

Caldwell Business Suites

Short, medium and long term office rental. Caldwell provides furnished, fully serviced office suites in a comfortable, safe, modern office building close to all amenities. However long your stay, you can make sure you hit the ground running.


Environmental Consulting – A boutique environmental consultancy able to handle small and large environmental and social impact assessments for projects in Madagascar and other environmental consultancy and planning services.


Landscape management and environmental restoration – Madagascar’s leading service provider in landscape management and environmental restoration, offering a full range of services from private and office gardens to large scale landscaping, revegetation and site rehabilitation, including mine sites.


Temporary and mobile camps and transportation for out of the way construction and exploration. Experienced and tested.

Green Island Logistics

Domestic and commercial removals from anywhere to Madagascar and back again. A member of the World Wide Movers network. Fully insured.